Our Aim

To involve young people in building a supportive community where they are given opportunities for discovering and living out their potential: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

At MVI Youth Works we are motivated by the example of Jesus Christ who sought to bring wholeness to the vulnerable and voiceless. Through living alongside people, despite circumstance or background, Jesus modelled love in action and ultimately brought about transformation in people’s lives. We work to follow this model with our young people and in our community.

We strongly believe young people have immense potential. They can also be the most vulnerable group in society, often caught up in influences and activities which can damage or destroy what likelihood they may have of a positive future. Walking beside young people as they face challenges and triumphs, we strive to be a guiding influence as they grow and develop.

With the current increasing trend in mental health issues among young people, we believe it is essential that we strive to be proactive regarding these matters, whilst at the same time reacting with care and professionalism to immediate problems and challenges.

What We Do

Youth Club & Drop-in

Wednesday nights is for our P5 to Y8 kids and on Monday afternoons, we have a drop-in for Y8s and up. These are opportunities to come together for some fun and games and to meet with others in a safe environment, hopefully have a laugh but to learn about and discuss the challenges facing young people today.


This is a girls’ only group, meeting weekly to chat and discuss ‘girls stuff’. No hassles, no pressure, just girls.


Working with the local schools, Abbey Community College and Hollybank Primary School, we try to provide opportunities to build relationships of mutual respect between Mentor and Mentee where both can learn from each other with the aims of developing the Mentee’s aspirations, the visualisation of their long-term goals, and the building of a stable sense of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Colin Barr

Youthwork Co-ordinator

Ashleigh Coulter

Sessional Youthworker

Robyn Harris


Ryan Jenkins

CYM Student